Patent Drawing & Illustration Services

Patent illustration/drawing is the representation of the invention to be filed along with the patent application following the requirements by the patent law which may vary depending on the jurisdiction. The drawings/ illustrations form an integral part of a patent application for a better understanding of the invention.

Design drawings

A design patent application is a drawing disclosure filed for inventions related to structural or ornamental appearance. The design is described in the drawing act as a claim representing the invention. We use traditional and updated techniques, including stipple and line shading, to provide the drawings, accurately indicating the shape and form of an article.

Utility drawings


Utility patent drawings represent the features and useful aspects of the invention. The utility drawings are done before the detailed description segment since the numerals given to the parts in the drawing help in describing the invention precisely. As utility drawings play a major role in defining an invention, we got an engineer’s team who are well qualified to illustrate the product design.

Novel Patent Services offers various services, including

  • Preparing design drawings
  • Prepare utility drawings.
  • Solid Modeling
  • Drawing conversion
  • Technical Illustrations
Novel Patent Services provide patent and trademark drawings for inventors, entrepreneurs, corporations, etc., according to the requirements of the law that may vary for different jurisdictions. In Novel Patent Services, we have a separate team for Patent Illustrations services. Law firms from the United States also utilize our drawing services.



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