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W e, Novel Patent Services are Best in Intellectual Property Since 2010. We realize that ideas and innovations are critical to the future growth and success of any company. Patents are vital assets for inventions that must be identified, nurtured, and guarded for their absolute value to be realized. The founders behind Novel Patent Services have an impressive track record working on IP and have teamed up to put their ideas and experience to produce our success thus far comes from our team – smart, persistent, and likeminded folks who foster an environment of collaboration, fun, and freedom. We are less a typical start-up and more a group of friends out to provide the finest possible IP services to our clients. We are not a traditional company and don’t intend to be one.

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Whether you are an individual, a start-up, or an established company, safeguarding your intellectual property (IP) is crucial for establishing a competitive advantage and maximizing the value of your assets. By working with IP professionals, you can ensure that your IP is properly protected and managed, allowing you to focus on innovating and growing your business with peace of mind.



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As a patent attorney, I offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to ensure that my clients are fully content with my services and the outcomes of their intellectual property matters.

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I provide a One-Stop solution for all types of intellectual property services, catering to the comprehensive needs of my clients in a convenient and efficient manner.

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I offer Free Consultation and guidance to clients, allowing them to discuss their intellectual property concerns and receive initial advice without any cost or obligation.

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We work hard to resolve your case pre-trial wherever possible, including getting the prosecutor or judge to dismiss or reduce the charges or some other unexpected outcome.

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The state of the art is everything that has been made public either verbally or in writing prior to the application being filed. The aim of the novelty search is to ascertain this state of the art.

What is a patent?

“Patents are documents issued by the federal government for a period of time. These documents grant the owner the right to exclude others from making, selling and using the invention as it has been described and claimed in the specification attached to the patent”.

Why one should go for a patent?

To enjoy the exclusive rights over the invention one should go for a patent. If an inventor does not get the patent rights over his/her invention and introduces his/her product/process based on his/her invention in the market, anybody can copy his/her invention and exploit it commercially. In order to gain exclusivity and therefore profit from his/her invention a patent is required.

What invention qualifies for the grant of a patent?

A patent is granted only on that invention, which is new, non-obvious and has industrial applicability.

What does a patent application generally consist of?

  • To be awarded a patent, you need to file an application.
  • The application must include a description of the invention, including the best mode for practicing the invention and at least one claim.
  • It must contain a drawing of the invention if a drawing would help in understanding the invention.
  • After a patent application is filed, a patent examiner examines it.

How does a patent expire?

A patent can expire in the following ways:

  1. The patent has lived its full term i.e. the term specified by the patent act of the country. Generally it is 20 years from the date of filing.
  2. The patentee has failed to pay the renewal fee. A patent once granted by the government has to be maintained by paying annual renewal fee.
  3. The validity of the patent has been successfully challenged by an opponent by filing an opposition either with the patent office or with the courts.

What procedure does Novel Patent Services follow for the patent search?

  • Studying the patent application
  • Classify the patent application
  • Define a search strategy
  • Implementation of the search strategy
  • Detailed evaluation of the documents found
  • Substantive examination of the application
  • Writing and issuing the Search Report

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