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A trademark is a recognizable sign, design, or expression which identifies products or services of a particular source from those of others.

Company’s expertise in Trademarks: Novel Patent Services are the expert trademark service providers to the customers seeking enhanced quality service. Our team consists of qualified professionals and specialists who are well experienced in emphasizing the client’s interest. Our agents are well capable of facing growing challenges in a global economy and they strive hard to reach our client’s requirements at the same time giving them confidentiality assistance regarding their information. Novel Patent Services also give support and advice to our clients in managing their trade-mark portfolio. The effort we put in providing a full range of trademarkservices builds up a long-lasting business relationship with our clients. Novel Patent Services is the first trademark fully established service provider in Andhra Pradesh.

Also, we are the cost-effective service providers maintaining high standard quality.

Services Novel Patent Services offer are:

Trademark logo design

  • Trademark Search
  • Trademark Filing
  • Post Trademark Filing Support and oppositions
  • Renewal Assistance
  • Corporate Portfolio Management
  • Logo Design: Logo design plays a crucial role in representing the company’s image, recognition, trust, and loyalty thus helping to build up brand awareness. It is the graphical representation having different shapes and sizes that makes a common person identify regarding a particular organization. Novel Patent Services create logo designs with our multidimensional experience which are unique that builds up your organization as a specialist firm in the business arena
  • Search: Search is an essential requirement before filing to ensure that the applied trademark does not exist or is in use by others. The search procedure we provide involves the use of an updated database search of all registered, application stage, and unregistered trademarks used by the business organizations thus giving up an accurate report to the applicant with an assurance that no similar trademark exists.
  • Filing: To obtain the trademark right one should register their application in their concerned jurisdiction. We offer trademark filing with a costless procedure making our clients free from long and complicated procedures.
  •  Post-Filing Support: We also offer prosecution support if there are any appeals or oppositions that arise in the filing process.
  • Renewal Assistance & Corporate Portfolio Management: We further assist our clients in renewing their registered trademarks as well as help them in maintaining their portfolio by observing competitor filing or registrations and filing oppositions to prevent infringement


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