Conventional Patent Application

A conventional Patent Application is also known as a “Non-Provisional Patent Application” and legal document that grants exclusive rights to an inventor for their invention. It provides protection for new and useful inventions, processes, or improvements. The patent application goes through a formal process and is examined by a patent office.

Conventional Patent

  • A conventional patent, also called a non-provisional patent application, is a formal application reviewed by the Patent Office.
  • If approved, it grants exclusive rights for your creation. The application includes a detailed description and legal claims defining the invention’s scope.
  • Conventional patents can be filed in countries part of the Paris Convention.
  • Benefits include the earliest filing date, leveraging prior disclosures, and the ability to obtain patents in multiple countries with a single application.
  • The advantages of the conventional patent application are Early filing, leveraging prior disclosures, and international coverage.
  • The disadvantage of the conventional patent application are Higher cost compared to provisional applications.
  • Conventional patents provide the best protection for your invention if you are serious about safeguarding it.

Difference between Conventional Patent Application & Provisional Patent Application

Difference between Conventional Patent Application & Provisional Patent Application


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