Patent Drafting Services

Patent Drafting Services

To establish exclusive ownership rights and prevent third parties from creating, using, or selling the invention without consent, a complete, legally enforceable record of the innovation or creative concept and its unique features must be developed.

Patent Drafting

The act of preparing a patent application for submission to a patent office is known as “Patent Drafting.” In this phase, the invention is defined together with its stated features, and a thorough explanation of the invention’s operation is also written. Drawings or diagrams that help to explain the invention must also be included in the patent application, if necessary. The patent application must abide by all the rules and regulations as well as the specifications of the applicable patent office.

Patent drafting aims to get a patent grant, which provides the inventor with the only right to forbid anyone from creating, utilizing, or selling the invention for a set amount of time.

A patent draft is a technical document presented in a legal format that has two primary functions:

(a) Establish Novelty

(b) Establish inventive steps or non-obviousness of an invention.

In any patent draft or specification, the purpose is to highlight the existing problem in the current state of the art or technology and to suggest a solution that is new and nonobvious to a person skilled in the art.

Different types of Patent Draftings…

Provisional Patent Drafting

A provisional patent application is an optimized less formal version of a standard patent application that provides a priority date for an invention while providing the inventor time to further develop and publish the idea.

Non-Provisional Patent Drafting

A non-provisional patent application is a formal application that contains a full description of the invention and its features, as well as claims that describe the scope of the inventor’s exclusive rights.

Utility Patent Drafting

A utility patent is the most common kind of patent and covers the practical aspects of an invention, such as how it works and what it does.

International Patent Drafting

International patent drafting includes preparing a patent application that fulfils the standards of multiple countries or regions, such as the European Patent Convention or the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

Design Patent Drafting

A design patent application safeguards an invention’s ornamental or aesthetically appealing elements, including its form, color, and overall appearance.

Patent Proofreading

Proofreading is an important step for identifying errors that can lead to office actions or rejection of patent applications. Our team performs uncompromised proofreading by using a combination of electronic and manual proofreading processes. Our proofreaders deliver high-quality results by following specific standardized guidelines for checking grammar, spellings, formatting, antecedent basis, claim dependency, and claims/drawing consistency our customers receive the following:

  • A patent report that identifies errors or discrepancies
  • A copy of the Assembled Patent
  • A file wrapper history report
  • A report that identifies all of the mistakes identified during the proofreading process
  • We will prepare a certificate of correction if so requested


-By our Patent Drafting Team

  • As a patent drafting team, our primary purpose is to assist our clients in protecting their intellectual property by preparing high-quality patent applications that properly capture the core of their ideas.
  • Our team consists of professional patent attorneys and agents who specialize in drafting patent applications for a wide range of businesses and technology. We work closely with our clients to understand their inventions and business aims, and we attempt to deliver customized solution that matches their individual demands.
  • We believe that good patent preparation necessitates a thorough understanding of patent law as well as technical skills in the relevant sector. That is why we combine legal knowledge with technical experience to design patent applications that are not only legally sound but also scientifically accurate.

Our patent drafting services include:

  1. Invention disclosure review: examining the invention disclosure to spot crucial elements and make sure the patent application contains all necessary details.
  2. Patent drafting: Preparing a detailed description of the invention, including drawings or diagrams that illustrate the invention, and claims that define the scope of the invention.
  3. Patent prosecution support: Supporting our clients during the patent examination process by responding to the examiner’s objections or rejections, making the necessary changes, or presenting reasons to get the patent application approved.
  • In addition to achieving our client’s expectations, we are dedicated to offering first-rate customer service. By offering top-notch patent drafting services that assist our clients in protecting their intellectual property and achieving their business goals, we work to establish solid relationships with them.

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