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Patent Search Services

For most inventors a patent search should be the first step in the patent application process. The reason is simple. A patent search is used to determine whether the time and expense of moving forward with a patent application is a worthwhile endeavor. Novel Patent Services are expertise in Patent Search Services.

Patentability or Novelty Search
Patentability or Novelty Search used to determine if a newly conceived invention is different enough from prior art to allow patenting.Our experienced analysts highlight segments of particular relevance in the identified references. The search includes the patents existing and published applications. We render this service utilizing updated database in the regard of brief description of your concept.
Knock out Patentability Search
Knock out Patentability Search as the name suggest, is the quick and cost effective way to perform a confirmatory search before making any investment in drafting and filing for a patent. We, at Novel Patent Services, have in depth experience in performing Knockout searches targeting specifically the novelty aspect of the invention, and provide our clients with a quick and easy way to access the patentability of their inventions.
Invalidity or Validity Search
Invalidity or Validity Search includes detailed research to determine whether the claims of a particular patent are valid or invalid when analyzed and compared to the prior art available on the date of filing. Only references disclosing the claim limitations are included in the results, and Novel patent analysts highlight the segments relevant to the claim elements.
Clearance Search or Freedom to Operate
Clearance Search is conducted to identify patents and published applications that may pose an infringement risk to your product or service, as well as expired patents that may indicate that your product or service is in the public domain. Our search involves all patent literatures in a particular country/region by restricting the filing date for a span of 20 years which is the maximum existing period of a patent. The report we provide involves the relevant sections of analyzed patents regarding the concept.
Infringement or Non-Infringement Search
Infringement or Non-Infringement Search is conducted in order to determine whether a product or a process infringes upon an existing patent claim. This search plays a vital role in the case of product/process design/redesign. Our experienced analysts will conduct a search, identify relevant patents, and highlight claims within these patents in the search report.
The Patent Landscape Search
The Patent Landscape Search can identify potential patent portfolios for acquisition, existing or potential infringers to be pursued, and potential technology to be exploited. Typically, the results of a Patent Landscape Search includes a graphical representation of how large numbers of patents relate to each other, based on various search fields, such as keywords, citations, applicants, patent classifications, and so on.

A patent Landscape search helps to:

  • Monitor markets of interest and determine which patent are now in the public domain
  • Learn about the current and future competitors
  • Identify Gaps in research & development
  • Determine which of your patents are most valuable

We at Novel Patent Services provide reports that can make clients research better by telling about past, present trends in technology and research. Not only from India but also researchers from United States utilize our search services. Researchers from Texas, California, Illinois, and Washington in USA are adapting our Patent Search services.


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