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Our team has more than 18 Years of Experience in Patentability Search, Patent Drafting, Patent Filing Nationally & internationally and Office Action Responses.

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Our company focuses on innovation and keeping up with the latest technologies to better understand our client’s needs. This allows us to provide them with quality service at a reasonable price.



Our team is dedicated to researching ways to improve our services and make them more efficient for our clients.



Our team consists of highly experienced IPR Attorneys specialized in IP law. Also, we have well-trained IP professionals provide holistic services of the highest quality.



Our organization is committed to protecting information assets from internal and external threats, whether deliberate or accidental.

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“Hello! As a patent attorney, I understand the importance of protecting your intellectual property. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, inventor, or business owner, having a strong patent portfolio can be crucial to the success of your venture. That’s where I come in. With 23 years of experience in patent law, I can help you navigate the complex patent application process, draft strong patent claims, and defend your intellectual property rights. My goal is to help you secure the strongest possible protection for your ideas while also providing efficient and cost-effective legal solutions. If you’re looking for an experienced and trusted patent lawyer to help you protect your intellectual property, I’m your guy. Contact me today to learn more about my services.”

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