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Patent Drafting Services

A thorough, legally enforceable record describing an innovation or creative thought and its distinctive traits must be created in order to establish exclusive ownership rights and prevent third parties from making, using, or selling the invention without authorization.

Patent Drafting


The act of preparing a patent application for submission to a patent office is known as “Patent Drafting.” In this phase, the invention is defined together with its stated features, and a thorough explanation of the invention’s operation is also written. Drawings or diagrams that help to explain the invention must also be included in the patent application, if necessary. The patent application must abide by all the rules and regulations as well as the specifications of the applicable patent office.

Patent drafting aims to get a patent grant, which provides the inventor with the only right to forbid anyone from creating, utilizing, or selling the invention for a set amount of time.

A patent draft is a technical document presented in a legal format that has two primary functions:

(a) Establish Novelty

(b) Establish inventive steps or non-obviousness of an invention.

In any patent draft or specification, the purpose is to highlight the existing problem in the current state of the art or technology and to suggest a solution that is new and nonobvious to a person skilled in the art.


Provisional Patent Drafting

A provisional patent application is a simplified, less formal version of a regular patent application that provides a priority date for an invention while giving the inventor time to further develop and refine the idea.

Non-Provisional Patent Drafting

A non-provisional patent application is a formal application that includes a complete description of the invention and its features, along with detailed claims that define the scope of the inventor’s exclusive rights.

Utility Patent Drafting

A utility patent is the most common type of patent and covers the functional aspects of an invention, such as how it works and what it does.

International Patent Drafting

International patent drafting involves preparing a patent application that meets the requirements of multiple countries or regions, such as the European Patent Convention or the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

Design Patent Drafting

A design patent covers the ornamental or aesthetic features of an invention, such as its shape, color, and visual appearance.


  • It is important to note that obtaining a patent is a complex legal process that involves many steps beyond just drafting the patent application.
  • In addition to patent drafting, the process may also include conducting a patent search, analyzing patentability, filing the patent application, responding to office actions from the patent examiner, and potentially appealing a rejection of the patent application.
  • Therefore, it is highly recommended to work with a qualified patent attorney or agent who can guide you through the entire process and provide valuable insights and expertise to help you protect your invention or innovative idea.


  • It is possible to prepare a patent draft on your own, but it is not advised unless you have a great experience in both technical writing and patent law.
  • To prepare a strong and efficient patent application, you require a combination of legal expertise, technical knowledge, and language skills.
  • Attempting to draft a patent application without proper training and experience can lead to significant problems, including inadequate protection for your invention or innovative idea, a poorly written application that fails to meet legal requirements, and a high risk of rejection or invalidation.
  • Therefore, it is highly recommended to work with a qualified patent attorney or agent who can guide you through the entire process and provide valuable insights and expertise to help you protect your invention or innovative idea.


Patentability is not guarantee

Not all inventions are patentable, and even if an invention is patentable, there is no guarantee that the patent will be granted. It is important to conduct a thorough patent search and consult with a patent attorney or agent before investing significant time and resources into the patent drafting process.

Disclosure requirements

Once a patent application is filed, it becomes part of the public record, which means that the invention and its features will be disclosed to the public. This can limit the ability to maintain trade secrets or other confidential information.

Timing is important

In most countries, including the United States, the first person to file a patent application is generally given priority over others who may have invented or discovered the same thing later. It is important to file a patent application as soon as possible to avoid losing the opportunity to secure patent protection.

Patent laws are complex

Patent laws and regulations can be complex, and the drafting process requires technical knowledge, legal expertise, and language skills. It is important to work with a qualified patent attorney or agent to ensure that the patent application meets all necessary requirements and is as strong as possible.




Are you an inventor or entrepreneur with a unique idea? Do you want to protect your intellectual property and ensure that your idea is original? Then patent drafting is one of the most essential steps in the patent process.

  • The process of creating a written description of an invention or innovative idea that meets the legal and technical requirements for obtaining a patent, including a detailed description of the invention’s features, how it works, and how it differs from existing technology, is known as patent drafting.
  • The patent draught must also include any necessary drawings or diagrams, as well as claims that define the scope of the invention’s exclusive rights.
  • Effective patent drafting generally requires a combination of technical knowledge, legal expertise, and language skills, and is typically performed by a patent attorney or agent who is well-versed in the relevant patent laws and regulations.

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The state of the art is everything that has been made public either verbally or in writing prior to the application being filed. The aim of the novelty search is to ascertain this state of the art.

What information do I need to provide to the patent drafter?

You will need to provide the patent drafter with a detailed description of your invention, including:

  • The technical field of the invention
  • The background and problem addressed by the invention
  • A detailed description of the invention's components and how it works
  • Drawings or diagrams illustrating the invention
  • The advantages and benefits of your invention

How long does the patent drafting process take?

The time it takes to draft a patent application can vary depending on the complexity of the invention and the thoroughness of the information provided. It typically takes several weeks to months.

What are the costs associated with patent drafting?

Patent attorneys and agents typically charge an hourly rate for their services. The total cost of drafting a patent application can vary depending on the complexity of the invention and the experience of the attorney or agent.

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