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Registered Patent Attorney USA - Novel Patent Services, is one of the leading patent services companies in the USA. We at Novel Patent Services provide you best in class Patent Search, Patent Drawings, Patent Drafting or Patent Application Preparation, Patent Filing, Provisional Patent Application, PCT Application, National Phase Entry, Conventional Patent Application, Office Action Responses, and Patent Analytics in combination with Market research reports tailor-made to your requirements.

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We prioritize innovation and staying current with technology to grasp our clients' needs better. This enables us to offer top-notch service at competitive rates. Our dedicated team continually researches ways to enhance efficiency and service quality.

Comprising highly skilled IPR Attorneys and trained IP professionals, we provide comprehensive, superior services. Our firm is steadfast in safeguarding information assets against all threats, ensuring utmost protection, be it intentional or unintentional.

  • Addressing intricate Patent Law challenges through innovative approaches,
  • We are adept attorneys delivering outstanding outcomes.

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Patent Search Services

We have more than 17 years of experience in Patent Serch Services with Patentability opinions from Experts.

Patent Filing Services

With 17 years of experience in Patent Filing. We can help your invention not to be infringed by others from making or selling the invention.

PCT Application

It is a type of Patent Application in which Inventors can file their inventions in different countries with a single application also accessing the priority date.

Patent Drafting Services

USPTO examines the inventions, and whether the drawings meet the USPTO regulations or not. We follow the Regulations of USPTO.

Provisional Patent

It is a type of Patent Application that enables an early priority date for the invention within 12 months we need to file a Detailed Invention.

Office Action Response

An office action response is a formal response that a patent applicant or their representative submits their responses/actions to the USPTO.

Patent Drawing Services

Our Drafting Services are priced reasonably to ensure everyone receives the information at their reasonable budget.

National Phase

It is filed under the PCT [Patent Co-operation Treaty] Application, also it is initially filed with the international application receiving office.

Conventional Patent Services

It refers to a standard patent application filed directly with a national or regional patent office, without utilizing any international filing procedures such as the PCT.

Professional Patent Services with Expert Opinions

Low Cost, Affordable, Best Quality Professional Patent Services at a Reasonable prices

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Patent Search Services

patentsearch should be your or inventor first step in the patent application filing process. It is used to determine whether the time and expense of moving forward with a patent application is a worthwhile endeavor. Novel Patent Services is your partner with expertise in patent search services for more than 15 years serving different multinational companies, Patent attorneys, Start-Ups and Individual researchers, is your best patent search partner at very reasonable cost whom you can rely upon. We conduct searches in Industry accepted paid databases covering all geographies. While searching we take care of patent application translations of China, Japan, Germany, France and any other non-English countries.

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Patent Drawings - Registered Patent Attorney USA

Patent Drawing Services or Illustration Services:-

Patent illustration or drawing is the representation of the invention to be filed along with the patent application filing in accordance with the requirements of the patent law which may vary depending on the jurisdiction. Novel Patent Services with its rich experience provide the best quality patent drawings or illustrations following the standards of USPTO, European Union, and PCT. We provide the finest patent drawings or illustrations at a very reasonable cost starting from 20 USD. We provide tailor-made engagements as per your requirement.

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PCT Application Filing Services

Patent Cooperation Treaty(PCT) application Filing will give you 30 months’ time period from the priority date of patent application to file a equivalent patent application in PCT member countries. Filing a US patent application gives you a maximum of 12 months time to file a PCT application.

We help you file PCT applications and national phase applications worldwide. You can leverage from our partnerships with patent attorneys worldwide.

PCT Application - Patent Hammer - Registered Patent Attorney USA
Patent Drafting Services - Registered Patent Attorney USA

Patent Drafting Services

Preparation of Patent application before filing patent application which includes preparation of patent drawings comes under patent drafting. We assist patent attorneys in preparation of patent application draft where your invention is drafted taking care of some of the aspects like increasing the scope of the invention to the extent prior art permits, preparation of claims as per USPTO standards and ramifications to the invention is also added for more details.


Patent prosecution generally refers to the process of obtaining a patent from the Patent Office. The process begins with the preparation and filing of the patent application with the patent office. All transactions with Patent office till the grant of Patent application is Patent Prosecution.

Patent Analytics Services:-

Patent Analytics refers to an in-depth statistical analysis of patent activity in a particular technology area. We can suggest faster, more confident business decisions with expert patent analytics.

Market Research –  We provide customized patent analytics and market research reports to our customers to support their business strategy and their growth.

Emerging Technologies – We access global data and provide our customers with detailed landscapes to understand the impact, fitment, pre-requisites needed for adopting a futuristic technology.

Competition Analysis – We provide Market intelligence reports by Analyzing the nature of competition or competitors, market share, key players, and more to validate new/unknown markets.

Patent Search Services

Digital Transformation or Digital Solutions – Technologies that drive new capabilities, disrupt business models and demand new competencies and track emerging digital solutions for all your business challenges like automation, end-to-end product tracking, and many more.

Go to Market Strategy – Design robust GTM strategies, and market entry plans along with insights on potential channel partners, and design strategy Frameworks customized for your organization’s process.

What is Provisional Patent or Non-Provisional Patent?

  • An invention can be patented in many ways, including registering a provisional patent or filing a non-provisional patent.
  • A provisional patent is applied for before filing the regular application- it offers faster processing time at the USPTO and grants an earlier date for obtaining financial rewards through marketing the products/services covered by the provisional patent application.
  • Filing a non-provisional application first grants you priority over other applicants who file new designs/inventions later.
  • This way you can save time waiting in line at the USPTO while your regular application is processed through the legal system.

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Patents Services Demonstrate The Focus Of Organisations On Innovation

The state of the art is everything that has been made public either verbally or in writing prior to the application being filed. The aim of the novelty search is to ascertain this state of the art.

What is a patent search?

A patent search is the process of searching for existing patents or patent applications that may be relevant to your invention.

Why is a patent search important?

A patent search helps you determine:

  • Novelty: Whether your invention is truly new and inventive compared to existing patents.
  • Non-obviousness: Whether your invention wouldn't be obvious to someone with ordinary skill in the field based on existing knowledge.
  • Freedom to Operate: Whether there are existing patents that could prevent you from making, using, or selling your invention.
  • Competitive Landscape: Who else is working on similar inventions and what features are they focusing on.

What types of patent searches are there?

  • Keyword Search: Searching patent databases using keywords related to your invention.
  • Classification Search: Searching by patent classification codes that categorize inventions by technology area.
  • Citation Search: Searching for patents that cite or are cited by a specific patent of interest.
  • Boolean Search: Using logical operators (AND, OR, NOT) to refine your search query in patent databases.

Where can I conduct a patent search?

There are several resources available for patent searching:

What information should I gather before conducting a patent search?

Before searching, it's helpful to have a clear understanding of your invention, including:

  • The technical details and functionality
  • The problem it solves
  • Unique features or advantages

Do I need a patent attorney to conduct a patent search?

While it's not mandatory, a patent attorney can guide you through the search process, interpret the results, and advise you on the next steps based on your findings.

What should I do after conducting a patent search?

After your search, analyze the results to see if there are any patents that could be a barrier to obtaining a patent for your invention. Discuss your findings with a patent attorney to determine the best course of action, which might include:

  • Modifying your invention to avoid existing patents.
  • Developing a patenting strategy.
  • Deciding whether to pursue a patent application.

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